Jeffery is a founder of the Transformative Technology space, a serial entrepreneur, and a social scientist who researches personal transformation and the states of greatest human well-being.

Wellbeing Research – Over the last 10 years Jeffery has conducted the largest international study on persistent non-symbolic experience (PNSE), which includes the types of consciousness commonly known as: enlightenment, nonduality, the peace that passeth understanding, unitive experience, and hundreds of other terms. This resulted in the first reliable, cross-cultural and pan-tradition classification system for these types experience. It also led to the fundamental discovery that these were psychological states that had been identified and adopted for thousands of years by many cultures and belief systems. They were not inherently spiritual or religious, or limited to any given culture or population, and could be molded in many ways to shape the experience. More recently, he has used this research to make systems available to help people obtain profound psychological benefits in a rapid, secular, reliable, and safe way.

TransTech – In 2007, Jeffery conceived of and created the Transformative Technology space. Since that time he has worked to catalyze the space by bringing together makers, scientists and other researchers, engineers, entrepreneurs, companies, educational institutions, non-profits and NGO’s, public policy experts, and investors. He is a co-founder of the first academic lab dedicated to TransTech, its first conference, taught the first university-level course and established the first graduate program in TransTech, and many other firsts. He serves as a formal and informal advisor to a wide range of companies and other organizations in the space, is an active early-stage investor, and is a frequent public speaker on TransTech related topics.

Business – Jeffery is a successful serial and parallel entrepreneur with a 25+ year background at various intersections of wellbeing, media, advertising, and technology. Fun facts about him include that he has worked on broadcast crews for most major sports championships, run a division at the heart of the world’s largest advertising conglomerate that led the industry’s earliest conversion to digital, was one of the first successful online marketers, pioneered digital asset management for most of the Fortune 100, spent time as a notorious hacker, and much more.

Author, Speaker, Educator – Jeffery is a bestselling author and award-winning educator who has authored, co-authored, or co-edited over 20 books and numerous other publications. His work has regularly been featured at leading academic conferences worldwide, as well as major public forums such as Deepak Chopra’s Sages and Scientists Symposium, Wisdom 2.0, H+, the Science and Nonduality Conference, the Asia Consciousness Festival, and TEDx. He has been covered in media as diverse as the South China Morning Post and PBS’s Closer to Truth, and been an invited speaker at many top universities including: Harvard, Yale, Stanford, University of London, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and the National University of Singapore.

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Featured Programs

The Finders Course

Get the remarkable wellbeing and other profound psychological benefits that have been historically associated with states such as enlightenment, persistent mysticism, and nonduality – without it taking years and having to follow a bunch of religious or spiritual dogma.

The Finders Course is a first-of-its-kind course that helps people transition to Persistent Non-Symbolic Experience (PNSE) rapidly, safely, and reliably. The course is 100% secular and built on data from the world’s largest scientific research project in this area, which included over 1,000 participants on 6 continents. Research showed that using it, 73% of people got there in 4 months or less. And, only 1% of people who took the program failed to experience it at all.

The Explorers Course

The only research-backed program that helps people land softly into and optimally integrate their experience of Persistent Non-Symbolic Experience (PNSE). While the transition to ongoing forms of non-symbolic experience leads to incredible wellbeing and other profound psychological benefits, it also fundamentally impacts some aspects of how life is experienced. This course helps you make the adjustment to PNSE as seamlessly as possible, by drawing on the experiences of thousands of people who have already made it and placing you in a supportive community of others who are going through similar changes.

For Finders Course Alumni Only

Featured Research

Center for the Study of Non-Symbolic Consciousness

The Center for the Study of Non-Symbolic Consciousness (CSNSC) is an independent academic research center dedicated to the study of ongoing forms of non-symbolic experience, known as Ongoing or Persistent Non-Symbolic Experience. These types of experience have been co-opted and integrated into religious and spiritual contexts for millennium, and are often referred to as: enlightenment, persistent mystical states, nonduality, oneness, transcendental consciousness, and so forth. Our research is secular and focuses on the psychology, cognitive science, and neuroscience underpinning these states of extraordinary wellbeing and high beneficial and useful positive experience.

In addition to conducting our own research, the CSNSC serves as a centerpoint in the global community of academic scholars who research this area. It provides access to a large pool of potential research participants, assistance with locating funding for research, peer review, education about protocols that have been used previously by others, and much more. The center’s overall mission is to help to facilitate and spread research in this area to the greatest extent possible worldwide.

Transformative Technology Lab

Transformative Technologies are science-based hardware and software that can produce reliable and positive changes in the human psychological experience. There has been exponential growth in technology’s role in increasing wellbeing, decreasing stress/anxiety, and ultimately addressing the fundamental causes of human psychological suffering. These benefits are supported by an increased understanding of psychology, neuroscience, meditation research and the mechanisms underlying the fundamental sense of who and what we are.

The Transformative Technology Lab at Sofia University in Palo Alto, California is the nexus point for Transformative Technology for the academic, commercial, and public sectors. It is both a crossroads and a support mechanism for innovators working in the Transformative Technology area, and the central gathering point for the community to stimulate development of scalable transformative technologies.

TTL is a vibrant community of engineers, meditators, scientists, researchers, inventors, makers, entrepreneurs, investors, and industry veterans. Believing that technology should serve more than our productivity, we seek to discover, develop, repurpose and commercialize technologies designed to improve the psychological wellbeing of humanity on a massive scale. The lab conducts research, hosts open maker-type events and hackathons, incubates promising companies, supports graduate students at Sofia and elsewhere, provides support for startups in the space that includes funding, advisors and key introductions, and much more.

Featured Books

The God Formula

#1 Amazon Bestseller in Self-Help, Personal Development, and Spirituality.

You may be surprised to learn that over the last decade a revolutionary scientific research project has been taking place that’s led to major advances in how to produce what seem like miraculous results in your life, and extraordinary levels of meaning and happiness.

The research (conducted by the Center for the Study of Intent) uncovered a new dimension of human development and has revolutionized the way personal growth, meaning, happiness, and ultimately advanced spiritual topics such as ‘enlightenment’ are understood. The results, if you let them, will transform the quality of your life in ways you currently cannot even imagine as possible.

During the research a formula was uncovered that is so effective at producing what seems like miracles in people’s lives it began to be referred to as the “God Formula” among participants and researchers. This book outlines that formula, and is the final version of the highly successful training material that was used with research participants.

The Fourth Awakening

#1 Amazon Bestseller in Mysticism for 4+ years straight, as well as many other categories.

Awakenings occur when something so profoundly changes the world that all of the old rules no longer apply. A powerful new order arrives, completely unexpected and without warning, and things are never the same again. Today, humanity stands on the cusp of the Fourth Awakening.

The First Awakening occurred approximately 200,000 years ago when Homo Sapiens emerged in East Africa, but it took another 150,000 years for things to begin to get interesting. The Second Awakening saw the emergence of spoken language, early shamans, and great myths. During it, humanity began to perceive the future and past in new ways that enabled planning. This allowed us to begin to plant crops and keep livestock, which in turn allowed for larger fixed population centers.

The Third Awakening began around 3,000 years ago. It saw the rise of all modern religions, as well as science. Between 800 BC and 400 BC, there was a religious explosion. The key events in the Old Testament occurred, from which emerged Judeo/Christian beliefs. At the same time Taoism was being followed by Confucianism in China. The same was happening with Shintoism in Japan, and Hinduism and Buddhism in India, and later Islam.

The Fourth Awakening is just beginning. This is the one you get to participate in (whether you like it or not). The Fourth Awakening brings a new mode of being with it. Glimpses of it have been written about for thousands of years. Are you ready?

Featured Event

Transformative Technology Conference

Date: October 14-16
Location: Sofia University, Palo Alto, CA, USA

Jeffery is a co-founder and co-curator of the Transformative Technology Conference. It is the first and largest event that is focused on learning, sharing, and connecting to drive serious research and development, commercialization, and awareness of Transformative Technology. The first conference was held in 2015 and was a huge success, selling-out to maximum capacity. Speakers have ranged from a founder of PayPal and other leading venture capitalists in Silicon Valley, to the founders of important startups like Thync and InteraXon, to established leaders like Google and HeartMath, to key academics like Adam Gazzaley and Jud Brewer, to public figures like Jamie Wheal. This is the only annual space that unites all of TranTech to move things forward.