Finders Course

Get the remarkable wellbeing and other profound psychological benefits that have been historically associated primarily with states such as enlightenment, persistent mystical states, and nonduality – without it taking years and having to follow a bunch of religious or spiritual dogma.

The Finders Course is the first universally effective course that helps people transition to Persistent Non-Symbolic Experience (PNSE) rapidly, safely, and reliably. The course is 100% secular and built on data from the world’s largest scientific research project in this area, which included over 1,000 participants on 6 continents. Our research showed that using it, 73% of people got there in 4 months or less. And, only 1% of people who took the program failed to experience it at all.

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From Jeffery…

For a decade I’ve been conducting psychological, cognitive science, and neuroscience-based research on individuals who claim to experience PNSE.

I passed through as many cultures as I could find it represented in, and every religion and spiritual system I could locate that claimed to have something to do with it. Originally this involved a research sample of over 1,000 people, but later phases of the research brought me into contact with thousands more.

What I learned allowed me to categorize the experience both across traditions and when no traditions were involved. By the end of 2010, I wasn’t hearing much that was new and it was clear that we had a very complete picture of what was going on psychologically within these individuals.

Up to this point, we had only been able to study it in individuals who had already made the transition to these extraordinary states of wellbeing. There was no way of predicting when it would happen to someone to collect both “pre” and “post” data. We increased our collaborations with other scientists who specialized in fMRI research to explore the neuroscience more deeply, in hopes of finding a way to induce it with either neurofeedback or stimulation.

Unfortunately, the areas that were changing in the brain proved too deep for the types of technology that could be easily used on large numbers of people. We returned to our original dataset, which included information on what people believed had helped them to reach PNSE. We’d previously paid little attention to this data out of hopes for a simple and reliable technological solution.

When we examined it, we found that only a handful of methods were actually mentioned. This was a surprise given the thousands of meditative, prayer, and other methods that are out there. For a year or so we experimented with these methods to see what they would produce.

We eventually found a quite effective order for them, and some other psychological and cognitive exercises that seemed to support and enhance their effectiveness even more. The resulting protocol transitioned individuals, including myself, who tried it.

So, we decided to try a pilot public experiment at the beginning of 2014. The initial experiment consisted of 6 individuals. Five of them completed the experiment and all 5 of them transitioned to ongoing non-symbolic experience either during the program or within a few weeks of the end of it.

Needless to say, this result stunned us. In addition to ONE, these individuals had also filled out a wide range of psychological assessments before, during, and after the training. Their improvements in wellbeing, emotional regulation, stress reduction, and much more was remarkable. For the first time we were able to analyze data relating to these states of consciousness, and how they actually affect people “pre” and “post”.

We ran three more experimental classes, with similar results. About 73% of individuals transitioned to an ongoing experience of non-symbolic consciousness, with all of the remarkable benefits that entails.

The results on the academic measures continued to be truly incredible, supporting the changes we’d seen. Even better, only 1% of those who used the protocol seems to have no effects from it. The rest experienced temporary periods of non-symbolic experience and also typically had sizable increases in their wellbeing and other measures.

When we allowed people to repeat the course, we learned that there were potential benefits that ranged from progressing further and more deeply into ongoing non-symbolic experience, to entering it if they were among those who only experienced it temporarily during their first course.

When we allowed people who had experienced PNSE for a long time to take the course, often they had profound deepening and transformation as well.

After the fourth experiment, the results were undeniable and we opened up the class for the public to take. Most of the original videos from the pilot course and research phase continue to be used, because we didn’t want to mess with what was working so well.

This program literally allows you to take the program that may be the most effective way to reach ongoing forms of non-symbolic experience yet uncovered.

Explorers Course

The only research-backed program that helps people land softly into and optimally integrate their experience of Persistent Non-Symbolic Experience (PNSE). While the transition to ongoing forms of non-symbolic experience leads to incredible wellbeing and other profound psychological benefits, it also fundamentally impacts some aspects of how life is experienced. This course helps you make the adjustment to PNSE as seamlessly as possible, by drawing on the experiences of thousands of people who have already made it and placing you in a supportive community of others who are going through the same adjustments.

For Finders Course Alumni Only

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From Jeffery…

As the Finders Course began to successfully transition people to ongoing forms of non-symbolic experience, it became clear that there just weren’t enough materials, mentors, or role models to help people optimally settle in to it.

Significant impacts can happen around motivation, relationships, and more. It can be challenging just to learn how to talk the experience, and it often seems unbelievably good to others.

For example, the sense of completeness that accompanies PNSE often produces a shift in goals. The average person feels a sense of fundamental dis-contentedness, and their goals are directed at fixing that. They hope that by attaining this, or that, they can finally fill a key hole in their life.

The sense of wholeness and completeness that accompanies PNSE allows you to see through these misguided goals. When this happens you can find yourself at odds with large portions of the life you are living. Your goals are simply no longer relevant because you now so clearly see that the trajectory you were on would have never produced what you hoped it would.

Questions, and even doubts, can often arise about how to integrate the old and new. There can be concerns about where it will lead you, and how to find the optimum path moving forward.

The good news is that these types of things have happened to millions of other people for thousands of years. My decade of research allowed me to collect a lot of best practices from thousands of people who have been though a seemingly endless number of situations.

The success of the Finders Course allowed my research to track these changes at an even more granular level, and to watch things as they unfolded for people right after their transition to ongoing non-symbolic experience – virtually in real time.

I’ve combined all of this into a powerful first-of-its-kind course to help you optimize your life moving forward in ways that no one else can.

The Path of Freedom

You may be surprised to learn that for the first decade of the 2000’s a revolutionary scientific research project took place that led to major advances in how to produce what seem like miraculous results in your life, including extraordinary levels of meaning and happiness.

The research (conducted by the Center for the Study of Intent) uncovered a new dimension of human development and has revolutionized the way personal growth, meaning, happiness, and ultimately advanced spiritual topics such as ‘enlightenment’ are understood. The results, if you let them, will transform the quality of your life in ways you currently cannot even imagine as possible.

This FREE workshop contains many of the final videos that were used to validate the effectiveness of that research. It contains the material contained in the bestselling book “The God Formula” but also much more on the later stages not covered in that text. Only these videos contain the most comprehensive instruction on the system uncovered during this research.

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From Jeffery…

Around 2000 I began to research well-being. At the time it occurred to me that there was a huge self-help industry but no one seemed to be conducting in-depth research into what they were advocating. So, I decided to do it.

I wanted to learn if the things being sold truly made people happier. I began by sorting the products into categories, and surveying people who used them. I learned that some (though certainly not all) of the methods did work, but that people needed to match up to them.

What most often happened is that people would read several books, take workshops, watch videos, and so forth before they did anything. They essentially had to talk themselves into placing faith in something and giving it a try.

Once they picked something, it often didn’t work very well for them for the reasons I state above. At this point they either left the self-help industry behind, or started the process again. The most persistent people usually found things that were highly effective for them over time.

I became curious about whether it was possible to help people save time and frustration by better matching up to products that would work for them. So, I decided to conduct a series of experiments with groups directly testing the most popular methods from each category.

It worked remarkably well, and eventually I released the participant manual that was used in these experiments as a book, The God Formula.

I also held a series of closed, online video workshops to attempt a final validation the research and see if it had truly led to something that would work for people.

This free online workshop contains many of the videos that were used for that validation. They produced amazing results for those who participated in this final stage of these experiments, and they continue to powerfully affect people today.

The Ultimate Reiki Workshop

The only workshop for Reiki teachers that covers material from the early 1990’s, when Reiki was relatively young and only a few major systems existed. This course is a powerful opportunity to travel back and time and get much closer to the roots and original effectiveness of Western-style Reiki. Although these materials have sold for thousand of dollars in the past, they are now available FREE online as a service to the community.

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From Jeffery…

In the early 1990’s my mother got ovarian cancer, and I felt powerless to help her.

A well-known healer named Jeanie Greening came to down and I took her Reiki class, mostly out of desperate exploration.

My class partner was a pioneering holistic MD who commented on how unusually hot my hands were while we practiced on each other.

Post-class, a close friend asked me to work on stylist’s wrist. She had fallen and shattered it, and it required surgery that would mean a long period without work that would be financially devastating. There were only a few days remaining before the surgery, but I ‘practiced’ what I’d learned on her each day. When she went in for surgery, her pre-operative xray revealed that her wrist was healed…and I became very curious.

As I explored it more, these types of events (which still seem like miracles, frankly) became commonplace in my life. I left my career in broadcasting for a couple of years, formed the Institute for Reiki Studies, and began to look into Reiki and related forms of healing.

During this period I conducted a series of ‘Advanced Master’ level training workshops to share what I’d learned. No one had previously done extensive research across the different (but at that time still very close to the ‘original’ Western) systems of Reiki or taught them in an affordable way that enabled more people to learn about it.

A couple years ago I put the videos from one of these workshops that was held in Colorado online for free. Today there are hundreds of styles of this type of healing taught, but these video provide an invaluable and otherwise impossible glimpse back to much closer to the origins of the various core Reiki schools and methods. They truly are a priceless time-capsule.

My mother survived (from conventional treatment – I learned Reiki towards the end of her process), and is alive and well! After a couple of years, I returned to my media career. But…I like to think that thanks to her, in the decades that have followed millions of people have benefitted from Reiki having its siloed, expensive secrecy lifted.